WARD 8 GESTURE: A Memorial

I humbly invite you to consider THE WARD 8 GESTURE as a memorial to the victims of the Boston Marathon Tragedy and as a charitable movement to aid the victims’ families with these unwelcome arrangements and to provide ongoing support for the families, and all who were affected by this act of hatred.

Krystal Campbell, one of the women killed in the blasts, was a local sister-in-arms in the Boston hospitality community, and a close friend in our extended family. Her death was the catalyst for me to rally this effort, but obviously this event affects many people and we’re taking this opportunity to gather my friends in hospitality to do whatever we can to help out.

The intentions of the Ward 8 Gesture are outlined here:

“If even a few hours of a service are set-aside so that the bar women & barmen can feature Ward 8s, a historic Boston cocktail, take a donation, and remember the innocent women, children, and Officer of the Peace that were taken from us during these terrifying situation and extend our condolences to their loving families.”

We’re calling our friends in hospitality to action from bartenders, bars & restaurants, brands, and industry folks all over and the effort is being organized as we speak. We’ll be running this event starting on Mayday and the effort will extend through the month’s end.


Any Bar or Bartender that wishes to contribute can simply Email Matty Durgin at ward8boston@gmail.com and provide the following information:

Name & Location of Venue
Participating Bartenders
Date & Time of Service

Once “registered”, Bars and Bartenders are simply asked to create and serve a WARD 8 cocktail (or any cocktail you wish), and take the sales or tips, or combination thereof, and donate it to the WARD 8 GESTURE to aid the families that have been affected.

Individuals or businesses wishing to donate directly to this cause may do so here:


The WARD 8 GESTURE is the National / International extension of the USBG BOSTON’s DrinkOne campaign:


I’m working closely with KIRSTEN AMANN of LUPEC & USBG BOSTON to facilitate & manage this effort.

Thank you all for your time and consideration.

Aloha aku no, aloha mai no.


Matty Durgin

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